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by Magda Gessler

Menu selection 

Plan your day with Magda Gessler`s menu card!

Diet by Magda Gessler was created for customers who would like to adjust their diet to taste preferences. All the dishes available in our offer were created by Magda Gessler in cooperation with Body Chief nutritionists. On the menu of this set you will find as many as 30 original dishes available in four caloric values. Decide for yourself which ones you want to find in your bag.


How does it actually work?

  • You choose the order duration - you can order a diet for any number of days (from 1 to 7)!
  • You can freely form the menu by choosing one of six delicious dishes - for the 1st breakfast, 2nd breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. Each dish is available in four caloric values. 
  • After selecting all the dishes you can finally place an order and pay for it choosing the most convenient payment method. Remember that the order must be paid at least 48 hours ahead of the start of the delivery.
  • We will send an order summary to your email address, including the dish lists for each day and their caloric value. Owing to this, you will be able to check, at any time, what delicious food will be delivered at your door in accordance with the previously drafted plan.
  • On our website you can find meal suggestions with lists of allergens and ingredients.
  • You can choose a different dish for each day of the week or you may order your favorite food several times! Sounds great, right?
  • Diet by Magda Gessler is still one of the dietary catering offer diets. It is balanced by Body Chief nutritionists and created according to the recipes of Magda Gessler, our ambassador of taste.
  • Our dish suggestions represent a culinary journey through various world cuisines. On the menu our customers will find top Polish dishes appreciated by Magda Gessler, such as veal brisket. We have also prepared ideas for vegetarian dishes, such as millet falafel or omelette with spinach and Lazur blue cheese.
  • The dishes in diet by Magda Gessler offer have been enriched with additives such as red pine mushroom oil, pistachios, maple syrup or pomegranate juice, which give them an even deeper flavour.


Body Chief x Magda Gessler is a project that allows you to try out the best flavours of restaurant dishes served in eco-friendly boxes.

Proposed dishes available in Diet by Magda Gessler

I Breakfast:

- French challah toast with homemade jam and cream cheese

- Porridge with plum, figs, dates and hazelnuts

- Tortilla de patatas with chorizo, aioli and tomatoes

- Vege Club Sandwich

- Parmesan waffles with basil cottage cheese

- Dried tomato tartare served with bread

II Breakfast:

- Roasted asparagus with Hollandaise sauce and poached egg

- Tart ratatouille with pistachios, goat cheese dip and grapes

- Sweet potato and yellow pepper cream soup with roasted turkey

- Smoked trout terrine with dill and horseradish sauce, sea buckthorn jam and baguette

- Banana and apple pancakes with cream cheese and champagne mousse

- Cold beet soup with beetroot and ham


- Sicilian style pork loin with roasted vegetables

- Halibut in mushroom and pepper sauce with caramelized vegetables

- Aromatic stew with Polish laid noodles

- Chopped veal brisket with onion and mushrooms with mashed potatoes and red cabbage salad

- Dumplings with chorizo, dried tomato pesto and pecorino

- Risotto with asparagus, leek with halloumi cheese, and walnuts

Afternoon snack:

- Exotic shake with jamón serrano chips

- Green pancake with Parma ham, cashew nuts and maple syrup

- Rote Grütze - fruit jelly with wine and pomegranate juice

- Puff pastry plum tart with almonds

- Chocolate mousse with raspberry sauce

Rice dumplings with caramel sauce and coconut chips


- French Bouillabaisse fish soup

- Cream soup of roasted garlic with Emmentaler, red pine mushroom oil and croutons

- Italian roasted potatoes

- Gnocchi in spinach sauce with gorgonzola

Georgian ragoût with lavash 

- Buckwheat blinis with eggplant caviar

If you love the taste of our standard diet meals signed by Magda Gessler, do not hesitate and create your dream diet now!