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Fit Mammy Diet

1700, 2000, 2300, 2500 kcal

Are you pregnant or did you just have a baby and wonder how can you take care of your mutual health during lactation?

Proper diet is essential in this time which is so important for a woman. It does not only provide you with all the necessary nutrients , but also guarantees your baby’s optimal developing conditions.

Fit Mammy diet is created basing on all food product groups, therefore it is very often chosen as catering for woman who are pregnant or lactating. Eliminations in meals concern only those ingredients which exclusion is beneficial to health and well-being of the mother and child, that is raw meat and fish, unpasteurised milk products, raw eggs and hot and irritating spices. The diet is rich in iron, vitamin C, omega-3 acids, folic acid, iodine, calcium and magnesium.

Taking your specific needs into account, our cooks do what they can to satisfy demanding palates of future or current mums. Owing to this you are sure that the dishes are aromatic and tasty.

Are you having doubts regarding diet choice? Our nutritionists will answer all your questions.

We offer a few caloric variants: 1700 kcal, 2000 kcal, 2300 kcal, 2500 kcal. Each option consists of 5 diverse and tasty meals.

Fit Mammy set is an equally balanced dietary catering.

Fit Mammy diet is available starting from just 71.00 zł per day (1700 kcal)*. Check our price list and join the Body Chief Team.

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Average weekly balance
% energy from proteins 15-20
% energy from fat 30-35
% energy from carbohydrates 45-50

*Daily price of 1700 kcal Fit Mammy Diet in case of order starting from 20 days.