FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:

What diet can I choose?

How can I place an order?

How can I pay for my order?

For how long can I order a diet?

Can I order a single meal?

How are the meals delivered?

Where can I pick up my meals?

What days are deliveries made?

How to order a diet to Lodówkomaty InPost?

How to pick up your diet from Lodówkomaty InPost?

How to order a diet to the BP station Pick-Up Point?

How to pick up your diet at the BP station?

What time is catering delivered?

What is the Body Chief delivery area?

Can I suspend deliveries during the order, e.g. for a holiday or business trip?

Can I change my diet during the order?

Can I change my delivery address during the order?

Can I withdraw from the order when it already lasts?

Can I try a diet out before I order it for a longer period?

How to order a test diet?

How should I choose the right calorific value of my diet?

Where can I find the menu?

How can I check which ingredients were used to prepare my meals?

Where can I find information on allergens?

What time should I eat each meal?

Can I change the order in which meals are eaten?

How many kcal does my meal have?

Which meals should I heat?

How to heat a meal?

What type of information can I find on the meal label?

Can I consult a nutritionist?

I have a discount invitation. How can I use it?

I received a diet voucher. How can I use it?

Can I resign from receiving cutlery?

If I resign from receiving cutlery, will the diet be cheaper?

Can I resign from receiving eco-boxes?

To which dumpster should I throw eco-boxes, cutlery, straws and bags?

How can I make a complaint?

Can I order a diet for somebody else, e.g. in the form of a gift?