Eco catering

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Lifestyle is eco-friendly

As a leader of dietary catering in Poland we are aware of the impact on the environment. This is why we are undertaking the challenge of limiting the negative side effects of the dietary catering business type. We have always been creating the trend of healthy nutrition and a change of lifestyle. Currently, we are implementing a strategy of limiting the usage of plastic and introducing eco-friendly packaging.

While using Body Chief brand’s products you don’t have to reject your own habits or nutrition preferences, still having positive impact on environment protection.

Our beginning in the low-waste trend:

  • we have resigned from plastic straws and we are currently using paper straws, which are safe for the environment,
  • we have replaced plastic cutlery with ecological one made from cornstarch, 100% biodegradable and compostable,
  • we have changed white bags to eco-friendly ones, the production process of which generates less environmental harm.

It’s high time to act!

We have known from the start that our strategy demands decisive actions, therefore the Body Chief team has been working intensively for many months to be able to replace plastic packaging with environmentally friendly boxes. We met leaders of changes in packaging industry, we tested available solutions and, together with producers, we developed models adapted to the dietary catering needs. The exchange process is not an easy or a short-term task. It needs to be divided into steps in order to be able to consider many different aspects, such as durability, product safety and strength, cutting back on waste by using the best available technology. After choosing the optimal solution, we proceeded to provide our team with adequate training and to develop and implement production standards, all to guarantee you the best quality of our products.

Eco-boxes in your sets

We have replaced the most common plastic containers, used to protect the meals delivered to you, with a boxes made of cellulose, a natural and biodegradable material. The fact of using the abovementioned boxes is going to reduce the specific plastic consumption by as much as 90%.

The only part made of plastic is the inner film, which secures the boxes and guarantees high quality and safety of packed products.

You have just received our box. What to do next?

Method number 1, recommended by us:

  • Step 1. Clean the empty box from food leftovers.
  • Step 2. Separate the film protecting the inner part of the box.
  • Step 3. Throw away the separated film to a plastic dumpster. It is usually yellow.
  • Step 4. Place the box without the inner film in a paper dumpster. It is frequently marked by the blue colour.

first method

Method number 2, also correct:

  • Step 1. Clean the empty box from food leftovers.
  • Step 2. Throw away the box to a plastic dumpster. It is usually yellow.

second method