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Vegan Diet

Vegan Diet

Available calories: 1000, 1250, 1500, 1750, 2000, 2500 kcal

The VEGAN set is a vegan diet catering aimed at people who want to exclude animal products from their daily diet while providing the necessary nutrients. The groups of products that have been completely excluded are: meat, fish, seafood, dairy products, eggs and honey. The base of the proposed dishes are plant ingredients, which include: cereals, legumes, nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruit. The vegan box diet is an excellent solution for the people whose everyday life does not allow them to prepare balanced meals with just plants.

We offer several calorific values: 1000 kcal, 1250 kcal, 1500 kcal, 1750 kcal, 2000 kcal, and 2500 kcal. Each of them consists of five meals. If you do not know which calorific value is right for you, please contact our nutritionists.

Average weekly balance

macronutrients in the diet - proteins


% energy from proteins

macronutrients in the diet - fat


% energy from fat

macronutrients in the diet - carbohydrates


% energy from carbohydrates

Vegan box diet

Vegan diet is available starting from just 68,00 zł per day (1000 kcal). Check our price list and join the Body Chief Team.

In the case of the VEGAN diet, it is not possible to provide the right amount of certain nutrients in meals as some of them are not present in plant products or their amount is insufficient. A properly balanced vegan diet requires extra supplementation with vitamins D and B12.

vegan body chief diet meal
vegan body chief diet meal

Sample Vegan Box diet menu from Body Chief

  • Breakfast: Shakshouka with tofu and avocado with pastry,
  • Second Breakfast: Vegan panna cotta with strawberry sauce and peach,
  • Lunch: Burger with pulled jackfruit, red onion preserve and vegetables,
  • Afternoon snack: Veganisu,
  • Dinner: Roasted root vegetables with nigella with peanut butter satay sauce.