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Lactose & Gluten Free Diet

Available calories: 1000, 1250, 1500, 1750, 2000, 2500 kcal

Do you have special dietary needs and want to exclude gluten as well as lactose from your diet?

For people like you, we decided to combine both our diets and create one that will fully meet our Customers’ requirements. The meals include gluten-free products, lactose-free cow dairy, goat dairy and protein plant origin products.

The Lactose & Gluten Free diet  includes 5 different meals each day.  The meals contain meat, fish, gluten-free cereal products, eggs and pulses. Your diet will be complemented with delicious vegetables, fruit, as well as nuts and seeds.

Average weekly balance

macronutrients in the diet - proteins


% energy from proteins

macronutrients in the diet - fat


% energy from fat

macronutrients in the diet - carbohydrates


% energy from carbohydrates

Lactose and gluten-free box diet – for whom?

If you have coeliac disease or severe lactose intolerance, please contact our nutritionists. Your food hypersensitivity may be too strong, despite carefully selected products. In this instance, our diet will not be able to help you. We offer several caloric options: 1000 kcal, 1250 kcal, 1500 kcal, 1750 kcal, 2000 kcal and 2500 kcal.

Lactose & Gluten Free diet is available starting from just 70.00 zł per day. Check our price list and join the Body Chief Team.

lactose and gluten free diet meal from Body Chief
lactose and gluten free diet meal from Body Chief

Sample lactose & gluten Free diet menu from Body Chief

  • Breakfast: Gluten-free blueberry pancake with cottage cheese and almonds,
  • Second Breakfast: Spinach cream with pumpkin seeds,
  • Lunch: Gluten-free arrabbiata pasta with chicken and mozzarella,
  • Afternoon snack: Gluten-free banana cookies,
  • Dinner: Potato casserole with cheese and peas with dill dip.