Juice Delivery

Delivery of juices

Our Juice Detox is available all over Poland! Learn about our location-dependent terms and conditions of delivery and order your set of 6 cold press juices that will provide valuable nutritional ingredients and help cleanse your body of toxins.


The towns and cities within the transport area are shown when you enter our website and in the "Delivery" tab. Any towns and cities not on this list are outside the zone of our deliveries, but it is possible to supply juice diets there through a third-party UPS courier company.

Deliveries in cities within the delivery area

The juice diets are delivered by our drivers Mondays through Saturdays, as are any other diets. You can order a Juice Detox for each day of the week, yet remember that the Sunday juices are delivered on Saturday. In the purchase order form, the customer determines the preferred delivery times.

Deliveries in cities outside the delivery area

For towns and cities located outside the delivery area, the juice delivery option has been made available by a third-party UPS courier company. In such cases, orders can be made on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, excluding public holidays. Delivery times depend on the courier company, with the possibility of deliveries even in the afternoon. In the towns and cities outside the delivery area, only the Juice Detox, and not any other diets, can be delivered.


Enjoy the taste and properties of our Juice Detox all over Poland, wherever you are. Health, taste and convenience!