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Junior Diet

1500 kcal

Is your child bored of sandwiches packed for school? Are you wondering how to make your kid’s meals tasty as well as healthy ? Check our dietary catering for children.

It’s not easy to meet children’s requirements and focus their attention on healthy food. They are surrounded by many different incentives. Some do not at all pay attention to food, some tend to be picky and get bored quickly. As if that was not enough, school shops and school children catering, despite many changes, still offer fast and unhealthy snacks.

Junior Diet is a dietary catering dedicated to children in primary school age. It consists of three meals which will provide them with energy for study time. Most of all, it is a comfortable option  – the only thing you have to do is to put tightly closed meals to school bag pack.

Our nutritionists made sure that the dishes are rich in all nutrients needed while growing up, whereas our cooks are doing all in their power to make the Junior diet as tasty as possible.

Remember that this variant consists of breakfast, II breakfast and lunch, and is not a full nutrition set. The energy value of those three meals is 1500 kcal.

Junior Diet is available starting from just 49.00 zł per day (1500 kcal). Check our price list and join the Body Chief Team.

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Average weekly balance
% energy from proteins 15-20
% energy from fat 30-35
% energy from carbohydrates 45-50

*Daily price of 1500 kcal Junior Diet in case of order starting from 20 days.