The concept of juice detox

The juice diet is one of the most popular methods of cleansing the body of toxins accumulated mainly due to poor eating habits and environmental factors. Overuse of caffeine, alcohol consumption and smoking, in combination with an unhealthy diet with a large amount of processed products, disturbs the acid-alkaline balance of the body and causes accumulation of toxic substances, which negatively affect the overall health condition and well-being.

The concept of the Body Chief`s Juice Detox has been developed by specialists based on several months of tests focused on obtaining a fresh, distinctive taste and preserving the nutritional value of each of the proposals. One day of treatment consists of 6 bottles of 475 ml of juice, each of which is appropriately balanced to the time of the day (the bottles are numbered from I to VI, suggesting the order of consumption), and they are to replace regular meals. There are two juice lines to choose from: My Detox and My Clearing, which can be used interchangeably to vary the taste values of the juice detox (orders are accepted on the selected line of juices, there is no possibility of exchanging juices between the lines). The recommended duration of the juice detox is from 3 to 5 days.

About 5 kg of raw vegetables and fruit and about 100 g of nuts, almonds and seeds are used to produce juice for one day of detox. The juices are supplemented with anti-inflammatory ingredients, such as ginger, Himalayan salt, honey, chlorella, coconut water and coconut milk. The therapies are rich also in superfoods, which are so valuable for our health, including acai berries, chia seeds, kale or matcha.

The products used for the cleansing have been selected by dieticians and come from local suppliers. Juices are obtained by the innovative COLD PRESS method, which consists of two stages. The first step involves fragmenting the input products with a cold non-heating blade and the second one - crushing the products’ cellular and fiber structures using an advanced hydraulic press. This kind of technological process guarantees the full use of peel and pulp of fruit and vegetables and a relatively low loss of nutritional value as compared to other alternative ways of juice production.

Benefits of juice detox:

  • Natural, concentrated source of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, antioxidants and digestive enzymes)
  • Effective cleansing of the body from toxins
  • Relief of the digestive system
  • Improvement of the body`s immunity
  • Increase of vital energy
  • Improvement of concentration and mental performance
  • Strengthening of the hair and nails

Contraindications for the use of juice treatment

  • diabetes
  • hypertension
  • chronic diseases
  • intense physical activity
  • burdensome physical work
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding
  • convalescence
  • young age (juices should not be used by children and adolescents)

During the juice detox, care should be taken to properly regenerate the body and adapt its working mode and overall activity to the current state of being and ability. The main function of the juice detox is to cleanse the body, so the treatment should not be used in order to reduce weight. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our nutritionists: