Your water demand calculator

Water demand calculator - check how to calculate your fluid intake needs and the amount of water necessary to properly hydrate your body!

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Water demand calculator - what is it?

The water demand calculator is a tool whose task is to estimate how much fluid the body needs in order to function properly. Insufficient fluid intake can lead to dehydration, which is a cause of serious health disorders and this is why it is so significant to maintain proper hydration.

How to calculate your water demand?

According to the recommendations, it is assumed that for every kilogram of body weight we need to provide about 40 ml of water. By multiplying the body weight by the indicated conversion factor, we get a result which determines our daily water demand

How to interpret the result?

The obtained result determines our water demand from various sources in our diet. Water, beverages and meals should be included in the total fluid intake. Among food products, vegetables (up to 95%) and fruit (up to 87%) contain the most water. The value indicated in the calculator, therefore, reflects the total amount of water we should intake every day.

It is also worth remembering that water demand may change depending on the diet used, air temperature and physical activity. If we want to take up physical exercise, we need to intake more fluid. It is assumed that for about 30 minutes of moderately intensive physical activity, the water intake should be increased by 500 ml daily.