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2/10/2020 Tips

Calorie calculator - What caloric value should I choose?

How to calculate your daily needed caloric intake?

To calculate the most adequate amount of calories in your diet, two popular calculators become handy, Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE). Both of these metabolic calculators are available in the Body Chief mobile app. How to use them?

Basal Metabolic Calculator (BMR)

To make BMR calculations, you need to provide information such as sex, age, weight and height. The calculator counts how many kcal are necessary to maintain life functions, for instance, breathing, maintaining body temperature or internal organs functioning. Reducing the abovementioned calorie intake is the most common mistake when starting a diet. It is not only destructive to health, but it also causes the YO-YO EFFECT. Learn more: What is the YO-YO EFFECT and how to avoid it? BMR calculator in the Body Chief mobile application!

Total Daily Energy Expenditure Calculator (TDEE)

The Total Daily Energy Expenditure Calculator adds one more important parameter as it also includes work intensity and physical activity. When using the calculator in the Body Chief mobile application, it should be assumed that "lack" means sedentary work and no additional physical activity, while "very high intensity" means daily long-lasting workouts. Try not to overestimate your activities and reach a realistic approach. Remember that one swallow does not make a summer